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So, those of you in the know will be aware that a couple months ago I was interviewed for an episode of the Paint all the Mini's podcast and it inspired me to start my own YouTube channel that pertained to my gaming and painting etc,after thinking about it for a number of years. I have been uploading semi-regularly videos on various topics and thoughts and what have you I have been having involving the hobby over however long it has been since the last one, as well as battle reports, intros to games, etc, some of it's been good, some of it's not but I am learning as I go along. A couple of weeks ago I started using Twitter, I know very late to the game but I decided that it was probably not a bad idea to advertise my YouTube but also push myself out there. I am currently semi-self employed because I paint miniatures on commission so I have the time and I decided after looking at other peoples twitters that maybe putting a podcast together in addition to the YouTube channel might not be a bad idea. I'll be honest, I am not sure how good the quality of the early podcasts are going to be, I'm not even sure I have an idea of the format I want to run with. All I know is that I have things to say and I need to say them. I've recorded two episodes so far and some parts of them are a little ranty but that's kind of who I am, I rant, I lose my shit about things that piss me off, and I am not going to apologise for them, just be warned. I can get a little sweary too so be aware. That's about it for me just now Hope you enjoy and if you don't tell me why, unless you are going to be a dick and I will ignore you. See ya Yogi Dave

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